Treaty City
Brewing Company

Brand Identity and Application

Treaty City Brewing Company is very proud of its Limerick origins. Celebrating Limerick’s historical past and Limerick’s ‘legends’. From leaders in war time, to famous actors, to sporting hero’s the treaty city brews I have selected have been named after Limerick’s most well-known ‘legends’ from a variety of backgrounds.

The Brand Identity

The Treaty City Brewing Company brand identity is all about staying true to its Limerick origins and rich historic past. Limerick is often referred to as ‘the treaty city’ referencing the treaty signed in 1691 which ended the Williamite war. This war was essentially about who would wear the ‘triple crown’ and lead Ireland, England and Scotland thus the triple crown become a unique symbol to represent the treaty, Limerick and in turn Treaty City Brewing Company.

Not only does the triple crown symbolise the history of Limerick but it also has modern-day sporting connotations particularly to rugby and as Limerick has a strong rugby heritage this is also key to the identity.